Our Mission

Open the doors to the endless magic of coding through our interactive and innovative classes. 

In these challenging times, we want to keep the doors of knowledge open by introducing little minds to the art of coding. 

No prior knowledge of coding is necessary. Ages 8+

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Scratch Coding Workshop with IIT Patna 

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Patna organized Game Development workshops for school students from Patna.

Game Development Workshop with IEEE Kochi Subsection

IEEE Kochi Subsection organized a Game Development workshops for students from schools in Kerala, India.

In the News

Scratch Conference 2023

Our co-founders, Harita Suresh and Sharada Suresh,  presented an Ignite Talk on Microaggressions in the Scratch Conference 2023.

Our co-founders, Harita Suresh and Sharada Suresh,  were panelists at the Q&A Sessions in the Scratch Conference 2023.

Our co-founders, Harita Suresh and Sharada Suresh,  were panelists at the Q&A Sessions in the Scratch Conference 2023.

ThoughtSpot's Women In Leadership Panel at NYSE on International Women's Day

Our co-founder, Sharada Suresh,  shared her thoughts on the #data and #ai fields at ThoughtSpot's "Women In Leadership" Panel Discussion to #EmbraceEquity.

Student Testimonials

"Coding has become so much fun and interesting to me.  I love to create new games with the help of my teacher. " - Nathan

"My skills have improved so much in the 3 weeks I have been learning with Little Apple Academy. My teacher is very good." - Khalid

"I did not know coding before. I  started to learn coding from Little Apple Academy and you guys really teach nicely and patiently.I loved all of your projects  and I was having fun.It is really nice what you guys are doing so keep it on." - Shreyas

"I have not been coding for very long, around 3 weeks,  but my skills have really improved since I started learning with Little Apple Academy. I love all the stuff made on scratch cause I made with all my might and I made it happily. "  - Adwiti

"Coding  is very educational and really fun. It helps me do fun projects. My coding skills improved to a maximum point since joining your classes! " - Ved

Student Feedback


Total Number of Lines of Code Written in Code.org  - 128,227

Total Number of Lines of Code Written in Python  - 88,724

Total Number of HTML projects  - 29,300

Total Number of Scratch Projects Created - 13,000

Last Updated : October 16th,  2023

Anyone can learn to code from anywhere

Parent Testimonials

Thank you for the learning opportunity my kid enjoyed your class it was interesting, interactive, and super easy and so much fun..  - Doreen I., Nigeria

“Alex really enjoys Scratch and Code Monkey classes by Little Apple Academy. Lessons are fun and enable children to learn quickly. The instructor is very patient, positive and supportive. She is also punctual and when we had technical issues, she added extra time on the back of the session to catch up on missed time. When I needed to move time slots, the admin always responded quickly and flexibly. We hope to learn more coding languages with Little Apple Academy.  - Diana F., UK

"I am very pleased with support Little Apple Academy has provided Adwiti during these coding sessions. She has got a good understanding of Scratch and Code.org related programming. She tries practising after the sessions as well and has taught to her younger brother too. Both of them enjoy coding."  - Era S., UK

"Thanks a lot for conducting the classes. We really appreciate you taking out time for this.  Vedant is loving it and he looks forward for your class every day. "   - Sushil U., UK

"Thank you for tutoring my child We are extremely grateful!"  - Jithendra SJ, US

"Thanks for your support and guidance during this entire 7 weeks period of learning. Shreyas had really enjoyed and learned a lot of things from your coaching. We are looking forward to the same kind of opportunities in the future as well. " -Shailesh.P,  India

"Thank you a lot for the coding class. It was really fun to my son Khalid to do it with you, and he enjoyed it very much. " -Samir. K, Egypt

"Both my children, who are 8 and 9 years old participated to the coding classes.  It was their first coding experience and, even if I was a little sceptical at the beginning, it was a great success.  They had fun and learned computer science. Moreover the teacher is a very nice and helpful person with a positive attitude, and the kids love her! " - Giorgia.M, US

"Viha enjoys each of your class a lot. You are doing a great job of teaching coding/scratch to students all over the world free. She has learnt many new skills in scratch especially with having no prior  knowledge when she started the class. She really likes to attend your classes. I would say keep up the good work. Infact I have also recommended about your class to other friends of Viha here in UK."   - Ami S., UK

"Thank you for this opportunity the kids really have enjoyed learning with you. Thank you for all your effort to sow seeds of education, selflessness and commitment to the community. You and your sister are awesome! " - Tazmisha .K, US

"My kid really enjoyed the coding classes, the instructor was very friendly & supportive.  " - Krishna .C, US

"Thank you so much for your time and guidance to Akshat .  " - Sangeeta  .S, US

Giving Back To Our Community



Blocks based Programming

Programming with Scratch

Introduction to CoffeeScript Programming

Introduction to Python Programming

WordPress Basics

Introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Coding vocabulary




     Event based programming


Basic multi-character game design

Troubleshooting (Debugging)